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Is participation free?

Participation is completely free - It is financed by the TDHI Recovery and Development FUND and the initiative's partners.

What studies must the ideal candidate have done or do?

Design, fashion stylist, interior decorator, event organizer, history, geography, business, law, economics.

I only finished high school. Can I attend?

Anyone can apply for accreditation. We set no limits. You don't set limits either and try to present yourself in the best possible way. A nice cover letter, a video, some nice photos; Do your best.

Presenting yourself in the best way will give you a better chance of being accredited.

In which countries is the project active?

Worldwide. We are used to working remotely and have the privilege and honour of being a partner of the DH GROUP. One of the very rare groups in the world, where the sun never sets.

What is the Master Team?

The Master Team is a team made up of the best of the best. Only the best TDHI Business Consultants will be selected by the President of the DH Group and will enter the exclusive world of Top International Consultants.

How long does the training take to become a TDHI Business Consultant?

The first level of training lasts 12 months. Every 3 months, the TDHI EDUCATION Division will inform you if your accreditation is renewed. We want to train and dedicate ourselves only to those who deserve to stay. So at least 12 months for the best.

Can both males and females participate?

All genders of people, regardless of race, skin colour or religion, can apply.

After accreditation, will I receive the Admission Kit and after?

The selection starts directly from our website. The content is the same for everyone, but only the most ambitious will not ask questions and act in the belief that they have understood, putting themselves on the line. The answer to your question will be in the Admission kit.

If the project has already started, can I send my accreditation request?

The project will be active from 01 01 2022 and is set up and funded for 5 years. You can send your CV and try to get accredited every day of the year. The Division evaluates the member from the date of his accreditation, from which quarterly and annual audits start.

But, how much can I earn?

There are no limits, and above all, with the TDHI, after 3 years of activity, you will earn more than any other acquaintance or friend of yours. Except your friends are not your colleagues at TDHI.

All you need to know to start your successful career.

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